In May 2013, the “Armenian Language Revitalization Committee” (ALRC) has been formed upon the recommendation of the Representatives Assembly of the Western Prelacy and the invitation of H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, and the Executive Council.

The ALRC committee concurred that the use of the Armenian language, both oral and written, is in decline in Armenian communities of the Western United States. Maintaining that language vitality is essential to the sustainability of Armenian culture and identity in a Diasporic context.

​Over the past few years, the ALRC committee created a set of action plans with a clear vision, mission, and strategic goals for spearheading a decentralized language revitalization program.

The committee believes that partnerships and collaboration with schools, churches, organizations, political parties, media and interested individuals, as well as involvement of our youth in this pan-Armenian cause is essential to the success of this program.